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Attorney Peebles argues for reduction and waiver of fines and fees to alleviate the financial burden that prevents clients from obtaining their license. 

She has worked with multiple Assistant District Attorney’s to “clean up” client’s driving records. Then, Attorney Peebles stands before hearing officers to advocate for license reinstatement by explaining the importance of this decision.

Getting you back on the road is one of Attorney Peebles top priorities, whether that means having a hearing with the DMV or appearing in court to handle old tickets.

Schedule your consult and let’s get you back on the road!

Driving School

Having a valid North Carolina Driver’s License is vital in most people’s lives. Not having a valid license can hinder economic growth. Some employers require a valid license to even be considered.

Living in North Carolina also means that there are plenty of fields, farms and undeveloped land. Some of the communities living in the more rural portions of the state are greatly affected by a suspended driving privilege and this could restrict their ability to gain access to resources.

Growing up in Garysburg, North Carolina, Attorney Peebles understands having a valid driver’s license as vital to everyday life.

Throughout Attorney Peebles legal career, she has analyzed hundreds of North Carolina driving records and advised and assisted many in correcting those issues that suspended their driving privileges. 


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