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Once we complete your background check, we will contact you regarding your eligibility. If you’re eligible, your petition will be created and submitted to the court in the county of conviction. The courts then send a copy of the filed petition to the State Bureau of Investigation to confirm eligibility which could take up to 6 months to be returned.

Once your petition is returned, Attorney Peebles will contact you to let you know the results of your petition.

Do you qualify?

Expungement Laws are complex and require attention to detail when reading a criminal background. There are some additional factors that may increase your eligibility. For example, if you were under 18 at the time of the offense.

The way that the law is currently written only certain classes of offenses are eligible for expungement.

Some of the disqualifying criteria for expungement of a conviction:

  • Violent conviction (Class G or higher);

  • A1 misdemeanor conviction;

  • Conviction with “Assault” as an essential element of the offense

    • Example: Assault on female; assault on government official; simple assault

  • Felony offense in Chapter 90 that involves methamphetamines, heroin, or possession with intent to sell or deliver cocaine;

  • Various felony breaking and entering offenses; and

  • Driving While Impaired offense

Currently, any dismissal is eligible for expungement at any time. The number of expungements for dismissed charges is unlimited and not restricted due to other issues on your record. 

Let us look into your expungement eligibility today!

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A criminal record could be a limiting factor to many things in your life and a conviction not only affects your criminal record but could also affect you in the future. Some of the collateral consequences experienced by clients:

  • Inability to find rental housing

  • Inability to find employment

  • Inability to vote

  • Inability to get a gun permit

Attorney Peebles has been working with alleviating the impact of collateral consequences on her clients throughout her career. She has successfully advocated for certificates of relief and filed numerous expungement petitions in many North Carolina counties.

The Process

In our office, we always begin with a background check to ensure that you fit within the guidelines of the current expungement laws. Depending on which expungement you are eligible for, you may need to fill out affidavits of good character and the Law Office will provide you with any necessary documents.

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