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We pride ourselves on representing our clients on diverse domestic and family issues. Our practice areas include:

  • Divorce

  • Child Custody/Child Support

  • Spousal Support

  • Property Division

  • Separation Agreements

  • Adoption

No matter the reason that your family needs are changing, let us help you through the process!

Family Dispute

The Law Office of Catherine Peebles understands that your family is most important, so we treat each individual and family’s unique legal needs. We pride ourselves in handling these matters with care and compassion. Our main goal is to fight for you and your family law needs as much as legally possible.


In any situation, pursuing a divorce or any change in your family structure is tough. However, once it has been decided that the couple will not continue, it is important to deal with several different issues that may arise from the new family structure. Monetary support and child custody arrangements are especially important to iron out when considering a divorce.


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